Facial Abuse Bred And Spread

Published on June 1, 2023 by FaceFuckingTube

I like this chick. I find her to be great. I love her large tasty clit, too. Her pussy is the kind of pussy I enjoy most. Have you ever seen those pussies who want to escape the bikini? This is one of those pussy’s. The Vaccinated Vandal grabbed her by the pussy and fucked it tight until he bred her like chattel. Next Bootleg chastened her with a spreader and some whips from the slut paddle. They DP’d her and she thanked them for filing her mouth and tummy with golden discipline. They used some throat work to soften her up. Her face was fucked regularly and she would erupt with a bile smile. Bootleg must have been breathing through that rod like she was in a special forces unit because she sank into the figure whore leg lock and remained there for such an extended period of time. They came all up on that lovely face and her supercuts hair dew. She ingested the entire cum like souvlaki.

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Facial Abuse

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